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x2icons's Journal

The Ultimate X-Men Icon and Graphic Community
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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Community for X-Men Icons and Graphics!

Just to spice up your evening, here's a community for all the X-Men icon fanciers or just people who like icons and like to comment...

Icons do not have to be from X2. Anything X-Men related is just peachy-keen.

Anything to do with iconage is accepted here...even stuff like wallpapers, cursors, whatever.

The promoting of other communities, [X-Men or icon related] is dandy by all means, but it cannot be the only topic in a post unless you have sought out and obtained permission from one of the maintainers. And no jazz like, "Here's an icon...This community is so great though! Join now! We r0xz0rz teh b0xz0rz!!1" If there is any doubt with regards to if you should post it or not, don't post it. The Mods enjoy deleting off-topic posts very much. More info can be found in this post and this one as well.

If there are any questions or concerns, please leave a comment on one of the entries listed above or in reply to a mod's post or comment elsewhere.

-An X-Men Icontest community for all of your lovelies!